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Over the course of my journey at Champlain College, I have not had a significant amount of experience to prepare me to think in terms of incident response.  So while internship searching earlier this year, I was unsure how well I would fit in, in an incident response type position. When I was looking for internships early this year, I was determined to land an internship regardless of where it took me, I wanted to find that one internship that would really challenge me, and provide me with a rewarding experience.

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I applied to Sony’s computer forensics analyst internship position early this year, probably late February. My resume caught someone’s attention, and my interview process started on April 7th. The process took a couple of weeks, and I received an offer from Sony in late April. My start date was slated for June 5th, and that left me with only a couple of weeks to find a place to live! I lived in Rosslyn (Arlington, VA) which was a great place to live for the summer. The only downside was the commute which would could be pretty treacherous if I did not leave the apartment early enough.

The Highlights

This was a full time internship working in Sony’s GIS&P department. This was the first time that I have had a full time job where I could put my education thus-far to use. And I found that it was really rewarding. Interning at Sony made me more confident of the skills that I do have, highlighted to me some of the areas where I am not as knowledgable (and have more to learn), and taught me a lot about working in a different environment.

During the first couple weeks there was a lot of getting up to speed on the operations of the Forensics department at Sony. One of the projects that I worked on this summer for a short period of time was exploring the potential of using Tableau software for visualizing logs from Plaso/log2timeline. This was an interesting project, because we were already using Timesketch for some basic timeline analysis, however Tableau’s software offered some better options for visualizing different log events on the same timeline.

The biggest project that I worked on this summer at Sony was doing research and laying down a framework for them to start performing advanced extractions on mobile devices, through the use of JTAG, eMMC ISP, and Chip-off. This is a big deal because it opens up their possibilities for examining phones which are damaged, destroyed, or are locked with an unknown pin. More on this later, it was a really fun project and I learned a lot.

Reflecting Back on My Experience

This summer went fast, I was pretty disappointed that I had to leave at the end of the summer. I made some great connections with my coworkers at Sony. They were a truly outstanding group of people, all of whom are are very knowledgable.

Overall, it was an amazing experience. I learned so much about forensics and incident response that I may never have learned in the classroom. I was excited that they gave me the opportunity to not only assist with their operations, but to pick up a project and see it through, in order to contribute to the team’s abilities.

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  • Ned Green September 15, 2017

    Nice review of the experience!

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